How we work with builders and architects to design timber frame homes

Our Process

At Mid-Atlantic Timberframes, we know that communication is key when it comes to designing and building a custom timber frame home, barn, or commercial building. We work with builders and architects to create a dialogue up front and consult often, providing multiple touch-points throughout the design/build process.

Step 1: Consultation

Our process begins with a review of your construction documents to familiarize ourselves with the challenges of your project. Through our 3D drafting software, we can show you the interior, exterior, and cut-away views using proposed architecture and materials. Our designers will work with you to interpret schematics and finalize the details of your project in order to provide you with a preliminary estimate.

Step 2: Customization

We work with architects and contractors to give customers choices whenever possible. In doing so, we ensure that the finished product will reflect the client’s individual taste overall design aesthetic, and lifestyle.

Step 3: Coordination

At Mid-Atlantic Timberframes, we coordinate with builders to ensure construction runs smoothly. Our experts are available to answer questions and provide additional consultation. Our goal is to understand each client’s vision, and to ensure that vision becomes reality while paying close attention to cost considerations and schedules.

We offer:

  • Complete design flexibility – use your own designs and/or work with our experienced design team
  • Incredible speed and efficiency to reduce labor and costs
  • Precision cutting using our state-of-the-art CNC machine to reduce waste and allow you to manufacture and market earth friendly builds to the end user.
  • Expertise in projects both small and large, commercial and residential on a local or national level.

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