Your home is a reflection of you.

Whether you envision the soaring expanse of an open interior or the charm of a classic craftsman timber frame home, Mid-Atlantic Timberframes will build your family a place to call home. The style and natural beauty of a timber frame home represents your personal taste and appreciation for fine detail and superior quality. We create organic living spaces that complement the natural landscape and provide a warm welcome for family and friends.

Committed to you and our natural resources

We understand that trees are one of the many natural resources needed for our planet to survive and thrive. Mid-Atlantic Timberframes is committed to preserving our natural resources and combatting deforestation for the benefit of our planet and future generations.


All of our timber is locally sourced and comes from well-managed forests. We generally build with Douglas Fir, Eastern White Pine, Red Cedar, and Oak. Mid-Atlantic Timberframes follows sustainable practices to remain among the most environmentally-friendly builders in the world today. Our suppliers plant as many as 10x the amount of trees that are used in one timberframe structure.

Energy Efficient.

A well built timber frame structure provides a reduction in energy costs while providing a beautiful and natural living space. Mid-Atlantic Timberframes uses passive design techniques to take advantage of natural climate to maintain thermal comfort. The insulating panels we place around the timber frames provide far greater energy efficiency than conventional framed walls, making our timber frame homes one of the most energy efficient builds available on the market today.

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“It was a pleasure working with the team at Mid-Atlantic Timberframes. Our project was completed both on time and on budget. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable contractor to build an affordable structure of the highest quality.”

— Andrew and Leigh Ann Swartz

“I’ve never had the such pleasure to deal with a company that provide greater performance then expectations. My outdoor environment with your timber frame is a jaw dropper to everyone who sees it. The commitment from you guys between budget pricing was within 10% of the final number without plans. The scheduling was dead on schedule & the assembly went spot on smooth and above our expectation”

–Vito Braccia, Sr.
Altino Concrete Construction, LLC

“Mid-Atlantic Timberframes blends the best in traditional joinery with efficient automated manufacturing technology and practical engineering solutions.”

–Steve Lindes
Pohlig Builders