Timber frame homes

Timber Frame Homes

You have many materials and methods to choose from when building a home, so why build with timber frames? For one, the durability of timbers ensures that timber frame homes will still be beautiful, structurally sound, and energy efficient 100 years from now.

Secondly, timber frame homes are friendly to the environment. Timber is a natural, renewable resource, and our suppliers plant as many as ten times the number of trees they cut down. And if your timber frame home is paired with structural insulted panels (SIPs), a high-performance building panel system made up of an insulating form core, your home will also be energy efficient. Constructing with timber frames is an eco-friendly building option that more traditional methods cannot always provide.

While it’s important to understand the benefits of building with timber frames, let’s look at what actually makes up a timber frame home. Timber frames are large wooden beams that form structural support that doesn’t require load-bearing walls. The timbers are precisely joined by connecting a mortise on the end with a corresponding tenon that fits precisely into place and is secured with a simple wooden peg. If you’re not ready to commit to a full timber frame, a timber frame hybrid design might work for you. A hybrid design is when part of the building is timber framed and other spaces are usually constructed with conventional methods.

Building a new home is a big project that can quickly become overwhelming. Timber frame construction allows for great flexibility, which means the sky is the limit when it comes to design. Finding a custom builder with experience in timber frames is essential for making sure the timber frame home you build will bring you years and years of enjoyment.

Whether you already have a timber frame home plan prepared or are just getting started from scratch, consider Mid-Atlantic Timberframes for a timber frame home that will be treasured for generations to come.


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