Outdoor Timber Frame Construction

Why Timber Frames Are What You Need in Outdoor Living Spaces Plans for 2020 may not be turning out as you had planned, especially coming up on this summer season. Staycations are the new normal, and with that, you will need an outdoor space that allows you to forget you’re just in your own backyard. […]

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Timber Frames Used to Create Beautiful Outdoor Living Spaces

When we think of our homes, we tend to envision our living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens—the interior spaces we spend most of our time in. But what about exterior spaces? Using a timber frame pavilion to build elements such as outdoor kitchens, decks, and porches is a beautiful way to increase and enhance your overall living […]

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Timber Frames Enhance Your Outdoor Living

The outside of your house says as much about you as your interior. For those who truly enjoy outdoor living, creating that perfect space requires a vision, a detailed design and a builder who can bring your plan to life. That’s where Mid-Atlantic Timberframes comes in as timber frame builders. Extend your timber frame floor […]

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