Post and Beam Construction or Timber Frame Construction?

Before you start your timber frame build process, become informed on the differences between the two types of building methods. Over the years, we have found a lot of confusion exists among consumers, as well as those within the industry, as to the difference between timber frame construction and post and beam construction. The main […]

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Timber Frame Construction: 5 Reasons To Choose It

Since the late 1970s, timber frame construction has been making a steady revival. Lovers of the outdoors have long been drawn to timber frame homes as a way to bring the feel of the outdoors into their home. While the traditional focus of the industry has been on the residential market, over the past 15-20 […]

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Why Timber Frame Construction Benefits You in The Winter

Timber frame homes are a popular choice for many reasons, including the energy efficiency offered compared to construction of a conventional home. Here are a few energy efficient facts that add up to big benefits with timber frame construction: A Mid-Atlantic Timberframes home is 30% more efficient than other construction due to the use of […]

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