The Benefits of SIPs in Timber Frame Homes

One of the many things that make timber frame homes appealing to the modern homeowner is the sustainability and energy efficiency that timber framing affords. If homeowners partner with the right timber framer, timber frame homes can be built with sustainable practices and the timbers can come from well-managed forests. Add to these green building […]

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Design Timber Frame Home Plans

How do we make a house a home? We design and create a warm and inviting space by paying close attention to the home’s floor plan. There are so many ways to go about designing timber frame home plans, but many will agree there are some fundamental things that must be included. The easiest route […]

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Why Build Timber Frame Homes?

You have many materials and methods to choose from when building a home. We may be biased, but we recommend building timber frame homes. What exactly are they? Well, timber frames are large wooden beams that form structural support that doesn’t require load-bearing walls. The timbers are precisely joined by connecting a mortise on the […]

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Timber Frame Home Plans: How to Choose The Right Piece of Land

What’s that saying, “A picture’s worth a thousand words”? If that’s the case, then an in-person view must be worth a million, surely. So you’re in the beginning stages of drawing up your timber frame home plans. You’ve decided on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, you already have paint colors picked out in your […]

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5 Tips for Planning Your Dream Timber Frame Home

So, you’ve made the decision to build your dream timber frame home. Now comes the exciting first step—planning out your timber frame home. The thought of bringing your vision to life with official, detailed timber frame floor plans can be overwhelming for some. But if you’re working with an experienced, reputable timber frame builder that […]

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