Timber Framed Buildings

Timber Framed Buildings

Timber frames are suitable for any style and shape of building, both residential and commercial. A timber-framed building uses timbers for the main structure that are exposed throughout the space. The unique rustic appeal and airy construction adapts well to any large space, such as grand private homes, breweries, or equestrian facilities. At the same time, the warmth of wood creates warm organic spaces that complement the natural landscape. Building with the renewable resource of wood also allows for green building and sustainability that you just don’t get with concrete and steel.

Timber-framed buildings like party barns, event venues, and pavilions are increasing in popularity thanks to the strength, versatility, and durability that timbers allow in a more open space. When looking for that one-of-a-kind wood structure, timber-framed buildings are a great choice.

Learn more about some popular timber-framed buildings:

Party Barns

Event Venues


Consider Mid Atlantic Timberframes for any of your timber framed building projects.

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