Timber frame party barns

Party Barns

The concept of a party barn is so versatile that this type of timber frame structure works well in a variety of instances. Party barns are multi-use structures that can host large events, be a casual backyard hangout, or act as a private residence. The open design of timber frame party barns provide a casual mood and memorable setting for any size event.

Party barns are also ideal to serve as an extension of your home as guest quarters or an entertainment space. Typical features included with party barn designs are decks, full-service kitchens and bars, recreational spaces, and extra loft spaces. Choosing to build a party barn with timber frames adds longevity to the structure thanks to the durability of the materials and craftsmanship involved in timber frame construction.

Looking for your own party barn? Let Mid-Atlantic Timberframes impress you with the perfect design for a timber frame party barn.




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