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Timber frames are uniquely suited for all types of outdoor-living structures thanks to the strength, flexibility, and durability of the wood. Timber frame porches and entryways offer a warm welcome to guests and add an extra element of style to your home. Timber frame pergolas allows for an open roof design, as a nice addition to walkways or gardens as passageways and seating areas. But timber frame pavilions are ideal for outdoor gatherings and entertaining spaces because they provide a stylish and inviting backdrop with protection from the elements thanks to a roof.

All of these structures provide an opportunity to increase your living space and beautify your home’s exterior. Using timber frame construction provides a cohesive look with your existing timber frame home, as well as the same benefits β€” unsurpassed strength and durability, timeless elegance and beauty, and flexible custom design to suit your unique personal taste.

Our outdoor structures are designed to resist the elements while adding both form and function to your outdoor living space. We build them to enhance their surroundings so they look and feel as though they are part of the natural landscape. From poolside timber frame pavilions, to outdoor kitchens and dining areas, and large scale gathering structures our team has the experience to make your project a success.

At Mid-Atlantic Timberframes, we’ll work with you to design a timber frame pavilion that complements your outdoor spaces.


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